Wonderful Places To Visit In Pakistan

Who says no one can have enjoyment in Pakistan? With several striking areas and virtually limitless potential for trekking, hiking, mountaineering, and other sports, a tour to Pakistan can be your eventual Pakistani escape. Here are a few places where you can go and have a lot of fun.


Located three-hundred fifty km off Karachi, it was contemplated one of the most amazing cities of the ancient era. The ruins of this city in the Indus vale never fail to provide tourists awareness of the ancient living and the wonder of early arrangements of town development. Walk along the vestiges of this city and observer the way of living, the traditions and the culture early Pakistani resided by.



Revive the Indus valley history and the lives of its natives by going in the place located in Punjab. Walk along the partly-obscured city and learn for yourself the loveliness of this lost town. Visit and marvel at the wide development and discover more about the civilization nearly elapsed by the world.

Ansoo Lake:

Observe the well-known teardrop-shaped Ansoo Lake. The Ansoo Lake is in Kaghan Valley in the Himalayan Range. Be prepared for some grave mountaineering though because there are no forms of transport accessible except for some horses and mules which might not be capable of carrying you all the way up.


Abbottabad is a well-liked summer resort which is located at the ending of Murree-Abbottabad hill region. Discover the place to rest in its pine-covered mountains, green gardens and parks, and wonderful golf courses. Visit and find out the gateway guiding you to the next escapade rally place.

Deosai National Park:

Situated in the Karakoram Range close to the southeast of Skardu and Indian border, the park is situated in one of the mightiest plateaus in the globe; the Deosai plains. The Park serves as home for the ibexes, Himalayan brown bear, wolves, red foxes, snow leopards, urials, and a few native and migratory birds.


Founded sometime in the sixth or seventh century BC, Taxila is an old city and a hub for Buddhist culture. A thirty km drive northwest from the capital will take you rear in the times of famous warrior leaders like Asoka and Kanishka, and Alexander the Great. Pursue the track around this city and learn culture, religion, history, and tradition as it bares itself to you.

Hunza Valley:

Hunza Valley is situated in the Northern Areas of Pakistan with a height of 2,438m. This makes the valley a place for screening the most amazing and regal mountains the planet has. Take a ramble to the valley and observe the landscapes that carry on illuminating themselves with your own eyes.

Mountaineering And Trekking:

Visit the Northern Areas and discover yourself in the middle of several mountaineering, climbing, and hiking options. This area of Pakistan is where three mountain ranges, Himalayas the Karakoram, and Hindukush, meet, and that denotes three times the excitement. Hold your jowl, fasten the harness and test the cords because the trip to this side of the country will give you decisive high altitude fun. Click Here to know more about the beautiful places to visit in Pakistan.