Following in the Steps of the Giants of History

On a recent trip to Washington, DC, we stopped to take pictures in front of Ford’s Theatre, the site of the infamous assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865.  My husband will sometimes joke that he was in school way back when Lincoln was assassinated.  We all laugh at this old joke, when as I stood in front of that theatre, I thought about the fact that Lincoln owned shoes that had been made for him by Johnston and Murphy a company that’s still in business today.  In fact, Lincoln is one of many presidents of the United States who have been measured for a unique pair.  It’s even noted that among all the president’s they’ve made shoes for, he had the biggest feet.  If Johnston and Murphy could make him comfortable, they can do the same for you.  They’ve combined their years of quality craftsmanship with the latest technology to create shoes and boots with superior fit and style.  And with a money savings Groupon, a pair of these iconic shoes can be yours for less.  As the summer days wind down and we pull out the layered looks for fall, be sure to have a pair of smart dress shoes to wear on those occasions when you want to make the best impression, and be comfortable as well. 

Johnston and Murphy may be known as purveyors of quality men’s shoes, but they have offered an equally fine selection for women since the 1960’s.  Buckle booties, pumps and wedgies in fall colors pair effortlessly with dresses, slacks and skirts.  Their suede penny loafers, wingtips and slip-ons must be seen to be appreciated, but don’t buy them until you apply a Groupon.  You’ll save enough to buy a pair in every color. 

The Victorian Era extends from the start of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1837 to her death in 1901.  Johnston and Murphy started their business during the Victorian Era in 1850.  While the Victorian Era may have passed into the annals of history, Johnston and Murphy continues their tradition of making quality footwear for men and women all the way into today’s 21st century.  You too can own a pair of their iconic shoes, unlike my husband, who jokes about being around when Lincoln was alive.  Too bad he doesn’t have a pair of Johnston and Murphy shoes to prove it.