Golden way to polish your steel rings

Do you know how  Damascus steel wedding rings can be polished? Do you want to polish them at home? You will just need baking soda, water and you will get crispy and clean looking steel rings in your hands. It is true, people like to wear stainless steel pieces of jewelry because they are lightweight and they have a too trendy look. Check out the best way through which you can clean and polish your stainless steel rings.
Baking soda method to polish rings made of steel
Step 1: Making a paste of baking soda and water To polish up your Damascus steel rings, first you will need a small bowl. Add 2 parts of baking soda and also 1 part water. Make a paste of it. Take a soft-bristled kind of toothbrush and dip that toothbrush in that mixture. Your toothbrush should be having soft bristles otherwise your steel rings will get a scratch. You can use baby toothbrushes because they have the softest bristles.
Step 2: Scrubbing your steel rings
After making a paste, you can scrub your steel rings with the use of a toothbrush. Do not press the toothbrush too much harder on your steel rings. If you will be scrubbing harder than your rings will have scratches on them.
Step 3: Rinsing your steel rings
You can now rinse your rings by using some warm water. Just take a bowl and add warm water in it. Then you can dip your steel rings in
that bowl until and unless baking soda come out from them.
Step 4: Dry your steel rings
Once after done with rinsing, you can dry your rings by taking a soft towel. And if you notice that your steel rings have lots of crevices,
The brooch on them then you can wrap them in that soft towel for few minutes.
Step 5: Polishing your rings
The last step is to polish your steel rings further. Take a good quality and branded jewelry polish, you can use a polishing cloth also. Only
use that polish that has been labeled as safe with your stainless steel rings. While you will be polishing your steel rings, you have to
make sure that you go with the grain.
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