Nikah (Marriage) – The Islamic Viewpoint

Nikah is an Arabic word which means marriage. Marriage in Islam is a sacred and blessed occasion. It’s an ethical and moral bond between the man and the girl. Muslim marriages are conducted according to the laws of Islamic Shariah (jurisprudence), and organized by the parents of the bride and groom. The suggestion made by any side, but largely by the man’s, and when approved, engagement takes place after which the wedding ceremony occurs. And this is how a happy Muslim family and marriage is constituted.

Besides the wedding party, marriage ought to be made official by the ma’zoun (Muslim union official) that allows the man and woman sign in their names to be certain both sides agree on marrying each other. The two, bride and groom, should sign the union manuscript/ proposal in the presence of 2 witnesses that, then, sign the contract proposal also. Following that, the waleema occurs where folks take the feast and congratulates the newlywed happy Muslim family.

Happy Muslim Marriage

According to Islamic teachings, premarital relationships are strictly prohibited. Marriage is an extremely revered basis upon which Islamic society relies upon. There are lots of differences between Islamic marriages and other faith marriages. Muslim men are permitted to marry four wives at one time as long as he can encourage and protect them. However, Muslim women aren’t permitted to marry more than one person at a time for the sake of protecting lineage. However, homosexuality is strictly prohibited in Islam and not supported by all means.

In Islam, the bond between the spouses strengthens throughout the time they spend together. The true marital joy of this union is in the qualities of sharing, mutual respect and unconditioned love. Physical connection between them is supposed to be so personal and not discussed openly. Islam always encourages beauty and self-hygiene for partners and, for everybody, so that they always look nice and attractive. Marriage is a really important occasion in the life of every Muslim since it brings about joy and love. Finally, since marriage in Islam is extremely protected and systematically managed, divorce rates are significantly reduced.