You May Try Perming For Having Tantalizing Effect on Your Eyes


The curls in the hairs have now given the idea of curled lashes. From an unkempt poodle, it makes you turn into a pampered princess. Eyelash Perm promises perfect eyes without the hassle of makeup round the clock, since you get up till your head hits the pillow at night.


Why Should You Go For Eyelash Perm?

 The first question you will ask yourself is that why would anyone get eyelash perm done? Consider it optical illusion, but curled or upturned eyelashes look longer and denser than the normal straight eyelashes. A curl at the lash line of the hem of your eyes grants you fuller and longer looking eyelashes. Not only that, it also enables you fake a wide eyed doe look as well.

How Eyelash Perm Actually works?

To start with, the lashes are covered with a special glue. This glue doesn’t damage lashes. The lashes are then wrapped around the foam rollers or silicon pads. Thus, they are held in the curl position that you want. As you close your eyes, a perming solution is applied to your lashes. Your lashes are then covered in plastic wrap so that the chemical could work for about ten minutes. After the perming solution has done its work, a neutralizing solution is then applied on your lashes for another ten minutes. More plastic wraps are applied. In a total of forty five minutes, your eyelash perm is done and your lashes are curled beautifully.


About The Risks involved In Eyelash Perm

Like everything, even eyelash perm has some risk and side effects. This wide awake and doe eyed look has a price to pay. So before you get too excited for the process, consider the following facts:

  • The Eyelash perm solution is not approved by FDA.
  • Since, eyes are extremely sensitive and even more than the other parts of the body, hence, the chemicals can cause severe reactions to the eyes. These can range from a mild irritation, to a little severe sensitivity in eyes and on the severity, cause blindness.
  • The eyelash falls off quickly than they usually do. The eyelash perm makes the lashes fall in about two months than their usual five months.


Some Useful Cautions You Should Be Aware Of

If you are going ahead with eyelash perming, there are a few things you just keep in mind.

  • Firstly, never ever attempt the eyelash perm at home by yourself. You might end up losing eyesight.
  • Be sure that your eyes are not allergic to any of the chemicals that is used in the process.
  • Always get the perming done in a renowned salon or spa with the hands of a professional that is a certified cosmetologist.
  • Even though eyelash perm is a good option of having perfect looking eyes round the clock without spending much time on their makeup. But weigh their pros and cons before indulging in the process.


Be Bold, Be Beautiful with Eyelash Perming

 Whether you get the effect through your eyelash curler or eyelash perm, at the end everything comes down to your personal choice, how much risk you are willing to take and how much convenience are you looking for.