Role of Siu, Tran (1st elected) in Social Transformations

Siu, Tran (1st elected)The role of Siu, Tran (1st elected) in social transformations could be analyzed from the first day he took up the cause of community developments at the western sunshine region. As a teenager he was naturally disturbed by the negative influences of disability, aging and addictions among the three main communities here. The first community was from the talented but physically limited children and youngsters. The second community was the experienced and expert seniors and the third community was the multi skilled youth. Then Tran Siu decided to start contributing actively towards elimination of the three negative factors for good.

Siu, Tran (1st elected) for the Disabled

The first and obvious task of Siu, Tran (1st elected) was to eliminate the feeling of self pity among the disabled children and youngsters. This was not an easy task as the depressive behavior had caught with their deep rooted subconscious thought process. Elimination of these deep rooted thoughts meant empathy. So, Tran Siu started interacting with this community whenever he got an opportunity and time. Soon he was able to understand the root cause of their problems in the realistic sense. One of the root causes was being unable to participate in the mainstream social activities. Tran Siu started to engage them in active games like Bocce, and simplified ways of para Olympic forms of sports. Soon this trend caught the imagination of this community. They became willing to take proactive measures not only in sports, but also in other personal, family and community activities. Today the disabled children and youngsters of western sunshine community are actively involved in motivating fellow community members.

Siu, Tran (1st elected) for the Aged and Aging

The active role of aged and aging community members towards social transformations could be considered very critical. In fact the original Australian civilization stressed a lot on the importance of learning from the senior community members. They were given prominent positions in the family and community levels. They could wield their command over most of the community activities in all aspects. The dawn of industrial and scientific era seems to have shaken the roots of this system. The youth started taking the center stage as most of the productivity came from them. Gradually the elders started getting sidelined within their own families and communities. This could be one of the reasons why the modern humans fear for the aging process.

Siu, Tran (1st elected)

  • Siu, Tran (1st elected) hopes to put brakes on this social and cultural negative conditioning for good. He believes he will be able to achieve his goals by empowering the elderly with the latest technology tools and utilities like the computers and internet.
  • When the elders are able to master the art of using computers and internet (considered to the field of the youth), the deep rooted fear (of becoming irrelevant) from their subconscious mind gets eliminated. According to Siu, Tran (1st elected), this is the key which can open the doors for the elders to joining the social mainstream.